Praise and Paws Silver Labs

Our Boys

Praise's Van Silver Choco



Choco is a big beautiful silver that is an American / English mix.  He has a tall long body but yet has a nice big blocky head and broad chest.  He has a very unique build and is as big a lab as you will find!  He is often time mistaken for a young Great Dane! 

He is a big baby that loves to give and receive attention. 
He is also quite the ladies man!  :-)

We are very thankful and blessed to have him!



    Trigger is an American/English Mix that is primarily English.  Trigger tips the scales around 120 lbs.!

    We know we are bias but we believe you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful Silver Male. 
Trigger has what we call "Teddy Bear Fur"
his coat is so soft and shiny. 

Trigger is a huge asset to Praise and Paws breeding program and we are very proud to have him!



    Like are other males Boaz is an American/English Mix that is primarily English.  His build is nearly the same build as Trigger's.  Boaz is not completely filled out and he is already tipping the scales at 110 lbs.!

Boaz comes to us from Mississippi.  Boaz is a fun loving yet easy going male.  We are expecting great things from him!

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