Praise and Paws Silver Labs

Our Girls

Darling Clementine
"Darlin" - Charcoal

Darlin's energetic dimeanor wins over just about everyone she meets.  She LOVES to play fetch.  She is defintely a natural retriever!
Darlin also likes to swim and play with anyone that is willing to give her the attention. 

Eden’s Favor

“Eden” - Silver

Eden is very friendly and has been voted most likely to lick a person to death!  :-)
Eden's favorite things are chasing after the 4-wheeler and playing with the kids.  She is always looking for attention.

Red Cherry Opal
"Cherry" - Fox Red

Cherry AKA "Prissy" is our Primadonna.  She is Miss Prim and Proper.  She loves to be loved on and is one spoiled girl!  She is one cleaver girl when it comes to getting her way.  :-)

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